Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to pay for roads

We actually subsidize roads greatly. You don't pay for how far you drive. There are gas taxes and car license taxes but they don't nearly pay for the roads. Much of the cost of roads comes from payroll taxes. We could increase the gas taxes to pay for roads. I have seen that might cost $4.00 per gallon and raise the cost of gas to close to $7.00 per gallon. That would probably get people buying electric cars which wouldn't pay for the roads so we would have to switch to a system that tracks distance, which is a little creepy because that is probably some kind of GPS track how far and then also where your car went. If driving a car cost what it truly costs trains, subways, and buses (which are also usually subsidized) could raise their prices to pay for themselves. Transportation would probably be more expensive but would also be more efficient since we are bearing the full cost. And walking and bicycling would get more popular benefiting our health, air quality (since we aren't driving as much), and the environment. And all because we stopped subsidies for transportation.

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