Monday, January 6, 2014

Fantasy land

Southern California is truly a fantasy land. The weather is always fine in SoCal even when it rains it's liquid sunshine. There is sun all the time, the beach, millions of people, wide roads everywhere. Where does the water come from? Northern California and Colorado by water pipes is actually the main answer. The little water that falls in SoCal hits all those impermeable roads and runs straight into the ocean.

SoCal is in a drought now but that doesn't affect many people because they cut the water from the farmers first before they as anyone else to save water. The drought may be worsened by global warming increasing evaporation which is driven by green house gases. Many of those green houses gases are given off by all those cars on all those great roads.

There are cyclists in SoCal mainly for exercise and sport. But I didn't see much of anyone getting to work on a bicycle because the buildngs are too spread out to get around anyway but car. I can't think of anywhere better to ride a bicycle than in sunny mild Southern California, especially San Diego. But as it is the reduction in green house gases by peope riding instead of driving is basically nothing because there are so few cyclists because SoCal is a great big freeway like the song says.

They are building a water desalination plant in Carlsbad, CA. I hope they can use solar power from all that sun.

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