Monday, December 19, 2016

Cancer prevention

One of the steps we should take in fighting cancer should be to reduce or eliminate government policies that promote cancer. Farm bill subsidies for grains like wheat and corn, and cheap grazing fees for ranchers encourage farmers and ranchers to grow lots of inexpensive high calorie, low nutrition food stocks. These subsidizes in effect take farmers away from growing higher nutrition vegetables. This makes fattening foods cheap and nutritious foods expensive encouraging poor eating habits that increase cancer. We should at least take away government subsidies for cancer increasing food production. Another related step is to stop encouraging driving. National subsidies for the highways and local subsidies for roads makes driving cheap. Local regulations for single use neighborhoods separates our homes from our offices and grocery stores and schools. Walking or biking to work or school or a grocery store or much of anywhere is impossible in almost all of America. Driving a car is the only practical way to leave our homes. I know we don't want it this way because the few neighborhoods where you can walk or ride a bike are very expensive blocking most of us from those neighborhoods. So we drive everywhere, the more we drive, the more we drive cancer through air pollution, through lack of everyday exercise during our lives. Policies at least allowing building mixed use neighborhoods where we can walk and bicycle would drive down cancer. Policies encouraging (or at least not discouraging) nutritious eating habits and exercise in our daily lives could drive done cancer as much as 30% and it's basically a free program because we are already spending the money on things that drive up cancer. Relying solely on high tech medicine and ignoring prevention we can do today in curing cancer will take time and have enormous human and economic costs.

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