Sunday, February 23, 2014

Air pollution, diabetes, global warming - same problem

Air pollution, diabetes, global warming  and are highly related problems. Much of our air pollution comes from how much we drive everywhere. This air pollution includes CO2 driving global warming. Our traffic clogged streets and towns make it hazardous to walk so we don't walk and we put on weight and develop diabetes. I am a die hard cyclist and walk commuter and live right by a shopping center that I can see from my apartment but even I never cycle or walk there because the entire center is a parking lot and I would probably get ran over. If we rebuilt are towns and cities for walking we would walk more, reduce air pollution, global warming and diabetes all at the same time.

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  1. Just drive to a gym and work out. Oh, wait... Our society makes it real easy to ignore the consequences of our actions. By paying somebody else to take care of a physical need, we don't need to give any thought to how they do it, unless we make that extra effort to care, like where the fuel for our vehicles comes from and what its consequences are. Or, sit in that car, office, or sofa & ignore the consequences to your health.